Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
The PGDBA is an integrated program designed to meet the needs of academically qualified professionals who wish to pursue an MBA degree while continuing with the full responsibilities of their workplace. The program requires serious commitment on part of the individual. The course work is rigorous and demanding; the result is an educational experience which ranks among the finest available in the region today.
The program structure is designed uniquely to incorporate all core courses on general business management and then set up a set of specialization courses that provide in-depth coverage in a particular area. This rich exposure to a wide variety of relevant courses in a particular field (Finance, Marketing, and Operations) ensures the development and application of highly specialized skills and competencies in that particular field.
The curriculum balances practical problem-solving with the development of broad perspectives and conceptual skills. Participants learn to use an array of academic disciplines and to analyze and understand key business issues. Course work will prepare them to analyze situations, identify problems, create solutions, and implement these within the context of an organization. The result is a program that combines the study of key conceptual frameworks and application of those frameworks to current business issues.
  Minimum qualifications Fees Subject Code Credits
  Graduation / DBA USD. 1000/- Principles of Management HSPD300 15
    Business Communication HSPD301 15
    Organizational Behaviour HSPD302 20
    Marketing Management HSPD303 15
    Managerial Economics HSPD304 15
    Business Law HSPD305 15
    Management Accounting HSPD306 15
The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration prepares you for the next step up the career ladder to management. You acquire the necessary management know-how to carry out your functions as a young manager responsibly and successfully.
The uniqueness of the program lies in a number of factors: the selection of the courses that are taught, the methodology of teaching or learning, the rigor and emphasis on non-classroom self-study, opportunity to accelerate and complete the program at a fast pace.
The curriculum reflects an exclusive focus on creating and nurturing specialist managers and professionals in the fields of Finance, Marketing and Operations. The program structure is designed in uniquely to incorporate core courses on general management and then build on a set of specialization courses, which provide an in-depth coverage in a particular area.
Analytical ability increases as you progress with the subjects taught in this program. It will help you to understand financial world in a better way and take major decisions in business environment as you assess the situation from a new horizon.
Our Executive MBA program is designed for fast-track managers who want to change their thinking and their lives. Participants learn best business practices that can improve their organizations' productivity, profitability, and employee relations.
Payment of full fees Fees in installment
(USD-250 each)

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