Executive Masters in Business Administration
Our E.M.B.A. program features a robust curriculum led by strong course foundation. Its goal is to empower accomplished managers and professionals so they may step up their organizational effectivenessOur E.M.B.A. program features a robust curriculum led by strong course foundation. Its goal is to empower accomplished managers and professionals so they may step up their organizational effectiveness.
The course work spans all the business disciplines necessary for effective leadership today. Core subjects are interwoven with real-world case studies. The program also explores fields of continuing and emerging importance in which every step has been taken to ensure students are exposed to Global SWOT and learn the real knowledge of the real world based on real happenings of the Corporate World. These may include business and public policy, international business, management of technology, mergers and acquisitions, ethics and corporate governance, negotiation, decision-support systems and more.
Present day emerging business challenges require corporates to create a reservoir of versatile executives, having a strong blend of functional knowledge along with a general management perspective. The EMBA program at HSOB is uniquely designed, to ensure it has the potential to address the Emerging challenges of the global business world.
In a nutshell the EMBA program gives you the core business fundamentals to meet any challenge that arises in your career - plus the specialized, cutting-edge skills to power whatever you want to achieve in the future.
  Minimum qualifications Fees Subject Code Credits
  Graduation / DBA USD. 1750/- Principles of Management HSEM500 15
    Business Communication HSEM501 15
    Organizational Behaviour HSEM502 20
    Marketing Management HSEM503 15
    Managerial Economics HSEM504 15
    Business Law HSEM505 15
    Management Accounting HSEM506 15
    Risk Management HSEM507 15
    Management Information System HSEM508 15
    Human Recourse Management HSEM509 15
    Taxation HSEM510 15
    International Finance HSEM511 20
    Specialization ( 1 subject ) HSEM512 30
Graduates of any discipline or Management Diploma holder with Minimum 3 years of executive experience can enroll themselves in the EMBA program. EMBA course program will have a last semester for managing a thesis on the subject of their specialization. The thesis has to be specifically on current management issues related to industry, corporate, multinational, political issue. Benefits of EMBA
You will learn the latest insights about global business environment. Applied Research Projects and the live on the job learning Project will further sharpen your analytical skills and teamwork abilities, preparing you for a lifetime of decision-making and leadership.
Beyond a rigorous curriculum, the program comprises a well-structured set of workshops on problem solving, managing cross-cultural diversity, interpersonal psychology, presentation skills and more.
Demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to manage, develop, and motivate personnel to meet changing organizational needs in a global business environment.
Comprehend the application of a significant amount of business administration knowledge within the domains of management, business law, human capital management, organizational leadership, quantitative reasoning for business, economics, accounting, applied business research & statistics, operations management, corporate finance, marketing, and strategic planning & implementation.
Develop awareness of their own values and the effect of those values on organizational decision making.
Assess whether an organization’s plans and actions align with its values.
Payment of full fees Fees in installment
(USD-250 each)

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