Doctorate in Management Studies

The demands on modern public and private organizations are greater than ever before. Globalization, cost control, product/service differentiation, and managing an increasingly complex workforce are challenges faced by all senior executives regardless of industry or organization type. These demands challenge the skills of many professionals and call for new models of performance and innovative solutions.

To meet these challenges, experienced professionals like you are looking for advanced professional development. Even after completing a master’s degree in business or another field, many managers and individuals seeking to get ahead in your current career or to prepare for a career change, are seeking life-long learning opportunities that will enable you to meet the challenges in your field of interest or explore new opportunities. Your challenge has been to find an academic program that is flexible and meets the advanced learning needs of the employed professional. We have listened to you and developed a doctorate degree to accommodate the schedule of busy senior professionals.

The HSOB’s Doctor in Management Studies (DMS) program is a major developmental step towards helping you achieve your long term goals. It enables those completing the DBA to go beyond just learning innovative solutions to creating those solutions. Graduates will be able to make a valuable contribution to organizational knowledge and practice, enhancing competitive advantage for the executive and their organization, while participating in discussions and solutions with academics and practitioners at the cutting edge of their fields.

  Minimum qualifications Fees Subject Code Credits
  MBA / PGDBA/ Graduation with 7 yrs experience USD. 2000/- Principles of Management HSDB600 15
    Business Communication HSDB601 15
    Organizational Behaviour HSDB602 20
    Business Ethics HSDB603 15
    Marketing Management HSDB604 15
    Human Recourse Management HSDB605 15
    Management Accounting HSDB606 15
    International Business HSDB607 20
    Management Information System HSDB608 15
    Quantitative Methods HSDB610 20
    Taxation HSDB609 15
    Project Management HSDB611 15
    Foreign Direct Investment HSDB612 25
    Project Work to Related Area HSDB613 30
DMS will have an Innovative Immersion Program wherein the students in their last semester will have to take up a project for studying and analyzing the success of any multinational – its economies and the factors influencing them.
The Doctorate in Management Studies (DMS) is a unique doctoral program in management. It aims to develop individuals into distinguished consultants and managers in the field of management. Unlike similar programs in Western Business Schools the DMS program is designed to provide both breadth and depth in the field of knowledge to the doctoral students. The mission of the program is to provide in-depth knowledge and proficiency to students so that they can become distinguished, pioneering and innovative teachers, trainers, consultants and researchers in the field of management. The Institute seeks to ensure that DMS students are among the best equipped to meet the needs of high quality management education in the country.

DMS seeks candidates of the highest caliber with strong academic background, professional experience, intellectual curiosity and discipline needed to make a major commitment to attain scholarly status. With Globalization and influx of MNCs and Corporate the need for top class managerial positions are increasing day by day which require highly qualified professionals. To all such aspiring candidates, HSOB offers an exceptional opportunity through Distance Learning and Examination consisting of written papers and project study.

The DMS Approach
Our DMS program is designed to develop within candidates an expertise in a functional area of business that will enable you to advance practice and theory, as well as make a contribution to organizational effectiveness in general.
Individuals earning the DMS degree are adding to their career flexibility and choice by preparing themselves for expanded roles within their organization or another firm, a consulting career, and/or to become a professor at a university or college.
This Doctorate in Management Studies (DMS) Program has been designed for leaders, managers, internal and external consultants and other agents of change in organizations who want to articulate what is being ignored in the dominant theoretical approaches.
This program allows you to explore alternative ways of thinking about organizations and to develop skills for facilitating creative change in complex social and organizational situations. The aim is to improve both individual and organizational effectiveness.
DMS introduces students to major functional and general management areas and develops in them a thorough understanding of the concepts and theories underlying management practices.
DMS is internationally recognized as equivalent to a Ph.D. in management. The students who complete the program are awarded the “Doctorate in Management Studies" by HSOB. The program provides comprehensive education package in all important areas of Management to bright and motivated students who look forward to reach to top managerial positions.

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