Diploma in Business Administration
Managerial occupations are a high-growth career, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Hayward School Of Business responds to this career opportunity with an extensive curriculum that spans everything from organizing a business and understanding employee behavior, understanding the opportunities and responding to the emerging threats, to managing the overall operations of an Organization. Other areas of the course concentrate on Business communication and include success through the art of planning and decision-making. In addition to the principal course of study, students in this program will be taught in the areas of business organization, Organizational Behavior and marketing related fields.
  Minimum qualifications Fees Subject Code Credits
  12th Pass ( or equivalent) / CBA USD. 750/- Principles of Management HSDB200 15
    Business Communication HSDB201 15
    Organizational Behavior HSDB202 20
    Marketing Management HSDB203 15
    Business Organization HSDB204 10
Managers play a vital role in the structure of all businesses. So this course equips the Managers with all the business fundamentals and skills necessary for success in any organization, whether in the corporate, government, or non-profit sectors. The program also helps students plan their career path and sharpen their analytical skills.
The objective of the diploma program in business administration is to increase and enrich the knowledge acquired during the certificate program in business administration. Admission to this program is limited to Class XII students with appropriate work experience.
This diploma is aimed at helping those who wish to equip themselves with comprehensive management knowledge to deal effectively with the rapidly changing business environment. It offers a unique opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of the “whole enterprise” in its competitive situation.
The course is Designed for Business Administration / Management personnel, Self-employed and Person who want to improve their skills in a specific field of area This flexible, skill based course is aimed at managers, who may have some academic or training qualifications or experience and few formal qualifications. It is designed to offer a ‘friendly’ introduction to management/business theory and practice. Attainment of the Certificate and/or Diploma will help managers in their career development within their professions, in the private, or public sectors.
Payment of full fees Fees in installment
(USD-250 each)

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