Certificate in Business Administration

The Certificate in Business Administration program is intended to provide a student with a fundamental knowledge of business principles and practices. In this program, the student receives training in both theoretical concepts and the application of those concepts to business specific situations.

The course for CBA has been specifically designed as a special need for the under-privileged segment of the society. They have very little experience of formal education but are exposed to the business world and are interested in making their career and planning to do business of their own or managing day to day business activities. This course will enhance their knowledge in the term of Management principles, Marketing terminologies and Jargons used in the Business world. This program gives the students the training that is needed for an entry-level position, as well as the background necessary to grow professionally.
  Minimum qualifications Fees Subject Code Credits
  10th Pass (High School) USD. 500/- Principles of Management HSCB100 15

Business Communication

HSCB101 15
    Organizational Behavior HSCB102 20

Considering our duty for the nation and a social responsibility to the society, the management was determined to introduce the course. The syllabus is designed for the mass having a drive to go for management education but due to lack of opportunities, directions and proper openings they could not have a right track in their life.

Payment of full fees Fees in installment
(USD-250 each)

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